2009 Obama, a letter 2nd draft

           A letter to Obama, 2nd  draft   2009.@2.@7 

The president Barack Obama

of The United States of America

Please, reform the United Nations to realize world peace and decreasing poverty

                                                      Kiyoshi Yasuda,


Dear Barack,

I am a Japanese citizen.

Your inauguration as the USAfs president was truly a historical event. This result was brought by the USAfs democracy and idealism. I respect your new ideas and sincere stance for welfare of the people.

But, I was very disappointed with your agendas on the White House home page, especially for the diplomatic policy on Jan. 22, 2009. You are still conservative, as same as the previous presidents in the USA. You support Israel unconditionally. Israel does not recognize Palestinianfs human rights, in spite of the experiences that their rights were completely neglected by Nazis in Germany. Recently, this negligence was also evidenced by the invasion into Gaza by Israel. Over 1500 people were killed by this invasion. And survivors became poorer than before.

I was surprised to see that you have commented nothing at all on this un-human act. This may be corresponded with policy on the agendas of the White House home page. As long as you maintain the unconditional support for Israel, people opposing the USA policy, will not disappear. Now, people in the Gaza are called the gprisoner in the jail with open roofh. Lincoln freed the black slaves. If you respect Lincoln, You should free Palestine people from the jail.  

Now, each of nations cannot stand alone without to be influenced by the world. This is evidenced by recent financial crisis in the USA. In spite of these circumstances, you seem to maintain USAfs superiority by power such as preemptive strike, although you are promising the cooperation with other nations.Nonetheless, in the coming ten years, the GNP of China will surpass the one of the USA, and then India in the coming twenty years, I suppose. If these developing countries will behave like the USA without coping the poor in their countries, huge disturbances will occur in the world. How are you going to cope with these nations?

I would like to introduce the Japanese Constitution Article 9. gAspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

Now let us think positively, and concretely of the resolution for world peace and poverty. In my opinion, there is no other way but upgrading the function of the United Nations (UN). Because, I think that UN is a solely recognized world organization and have ability to play more aggressive role.

But, the USA had been neglecting UN resolutions, and tried to reduce its power. When the UN proposed the prohibitions of mine, global warming, Israeli invasion into Palestine, etc, the USA has voted against them.  This stance seems to be maintained by you. Because, there is no agenda about UN in your White House home page.

On the other hand, present UN system, five big countries such as the USA, Russia, UK, etc has special right to refuse any bill which they dislike. What an un-democratic system it is! The en-powered five countries system, the permanent member of the UN Security Council, should be changed. As you know, base of the democracy is that each voter has one vote with no refuse right. UN should also introduce this democratic system that each country has equal one vote with no refuse right. I hope you change the USAfs attitude for UN, and tackle to democratize UN.

In the coming 30 years, the USA will lose the status as top leader of the world. However, your country is now no.1 in its economy, and military. If you lead to reform UN, and obey the UN resolutions, then, other nations will be obliged to follow it. Consequently every nation will follow the international lows. Through reforming the UN, you will become an idealistic advocate to realize world peace and decreasing poverty.

I heard you respect King. He said gI have a dream. A person will not be judged by its skin color but its dignityh. You realized half of his dream by becoming the USAfs president. But realization of your dream is limited to the USA, not to the world. As long as you try to protect the USAfs superiority, you will not be respected by world people. My dream is that a nation will not be judged by its economic and military power, but by its sincere attitude for world peace. I hope that you will courageously reform UN.

Change Obama yourself more,  because world people expect it. 

Yes, You can! and We can!

                                                       Yours faithfully,

Kiyoshi Yasuda

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